Invited Sessions and Session Organizers

Session number Session topic
IS1 New Trends in Survival Analysis
Valentin Patilea
ENSAI, France
IS2 Functional Data
Pedro Delicado
Barcelona, Spain
IS3 New Trends in Spatial Statistics
Marc Hallin
Brussels, Belgium
IS4 Random Graphs
Mia Deijfen
Stockholm, Sweden
IS5 Graphical Models
Piotr Zwiernik
Pompeu Fabra, Spain
IS6 Developments in Bayesian Nonparametrics
Sonia Petrone
Milano, Italy
IS7 Large Sample Covariance Matrices: Theory and Applications
Jianfeng Yao
Hong Kong
IS8 Advances in Causality
Marloes Maathuis
Zurich, Switzerland
IS9Modeling Dependence using Copulas
Marek Omelka
Prague, Czech Republic
IS10High-Dimensional Model Selection
Malgorzata Bogdan
Wroclaw, Poland
IS11Bayesian Statistics and Software
Aki Vehtari
Aalto University, Finland
IS12High-Dimensional Time Series with Breaks
Claudia Kirch
Magdeburg, Germany
IS13Time Series Econometrics
Pentti Saikkonen
University of Helsinki, Finland
IS14Computational Tools for Bayesian Inference
Jean-Michel Marin
Montpellier, France
Ernst Wit
Groningen, Netherlands
IS16Stochastic Processes
Herold Dehling
Bochum, Germany
IS17High-Dimensional Extremes
Holger Rootzen
Chalmers, Sweden
IS18Concentration Inequalities
Pascal Massart
Paris, France
IS19Distributional Regression
Thomas Kneib
Goettingen, Germany
IS20Recent Advances in Computationally Intensive Statistics Nicolai Meinshausen
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
IS21Statistical Genetics and Genomics
Stephane Robin
Paris, France
IS22New Developments in Latent Components Models
Alessio Farcomeni
Sapienza, Italy